An Evening of Classic Stage Variety

‘Classic stage variety-man Alan Ox’ pulls together all his talents for this music and comedy event. This show promises to be even more charged than his previous comedy endeavors, with Al and his band working the stage together, through the lyrics and the laughs. This one-night-only show of “Song, Shtick & Soft-Shoe” spotlights Oxenhandler’s vocals in the dramatic 560 Music Building in the U. City Loop area. Along with his personal take on popular tunes, the show will be peppered with Al’s brand of comedic observation as he launches into the crooning styles of vocalists he has admired or jabbed through the years. The show will include hits “Thats Life”, “Day In Day Out,” and even Lerner & Lowe’s operatic, “I Could Have Danced All Night.” A couple skits consist of, “You Too Can Sing Like Neil Diamond” and “Taking Over NPR.” Having studied tap dance for the last five years, you can definitely expect foot flourishes in the show, as well as other surprises to ‘entertain and astonish.’

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