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Saturday Brunch/Rue LaFayette: Al Ox with Benet Schaffer on Skins

C’est magnifique! This is what you will say! Yes, my friend! BONVIVANT here!  Otherwise known as Al Ox- so glad to report this delightful Two-Hour gig on the southeast corner of LaFayette Park and the Champs-Élysées (otherwise known as Rue LaFayette ! ! ) At 11 AM on Sat Aug 11th, good sounds will accompany the sweet aromas and the lovely ‘Rue-girls’- and can they CAN CAN? (actually no).  But call 314.772.CAFE anyway for more details.- but what else do you need (except maybe an appetite for the world’s best coffees and spinach croissants)? Looking forward to this FUN GIG with RFT’s “Best Drummer” Benét Schaffer!  Ok, I’m all out of French clichés!