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SilverFreek Band at The Ritz-Carlton St. Louis Sat Sept 27

fb Ritz2Good people, I implore you to attend the Ritz-Carlton in Saint Louis/ Clayton … on the Saturday which is 27th day of September the Lord’s year 2014 – the place is Ye Old Lobby Lounge 9pm- where I am playing with Sir Curt Landes & the Invincible Vince Martin and we will make merriment in music.. Need I assure you upon my knee that this place and time could not be bested ??? Have I not in these word-filled squares in the INTERNET OF THINGS yet garnered your trust in my expositions??!!! Here will I stop! I can only tell you that which is right on – – A splendid time will be had by ALL!  I jest not . . . and I humbly thank you. -Sir Alan of Camelox