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Welcome to my web site, and thank you for checking out my new stage play, THERE’S AN ALIEN IN MY SOUP! To clarify my schedule, this play is running concurrently with my playing music at Frederick’s in Bridgeton, St. Louis. My upcoming nights at Frederick’s for August are 10, 11 & 13th (Wed, Th, Sat). August 17, 18 & 19 (Wed, Th, Fri) And also 24th, 25th & 27 (Wed, Th, Sat). The next play performance is yet to be announced- pending technical issues to be addressed.  Thank you! Purchase tickets here.  (link now shows description only).

Video snippet; There’s An Alien In My Soup

ss-yt   CLICK HERE to see a few of the many characters in the stage play- oh and a singer too! TAAIMS is one man play with a dash of musical, reenacting the accounts of military personnel who could be called UFO first responders. Based on actual interviews and writings. NEXT and LAST date (for a while) is Friday July 29, 2016 at The Kranzberg Arts Center in downtown St. Louis. (Hope you got a chance to see it!)

Stage Play; There’s An Alien In My Soup | Live at The Kranzberg /STL USA


Sneak-Preview/ World Premier! Do you believe in UFOs? This is a question that we all have pondered or perhaps have been asked. I may have not yet seen one directly, but I have studied accounts given by ordinary people who were in extraordinary situations, and I believe many of those accounts. Though I wrote the script for this one-man play, the stories I recreate happened. The characters are fascinating and I see them as heroes. Folks who came to terms with what they feel their fellow Americans or fellow Earthlings should know, forgoing their anonymity and old security oaths. Personally, it’s gratifying portraying these people and conveying their stories in the setting of live theater. With music and lyric along the way, I invite you to enjoy this show and ponder its question. . .  Life’s stage is much bigger than we know! Tickets for The Kranzberg here!