There’s An Alien In My Soup! Jan 26 – Feb 4th at The Marcelle

banner-aims  CLICK HERE for tickets to the stage play- THERE’S AN ALIEN IN MY SOUP. A one man play- with music too, reenacting the accounts of 7 military personnel who could be called UFO first responders. What does THAT mean? Well, the play is based on actual interviews and documents of the characters themselves describing what went on behind closed doors when ‘they’ came to visit… Whether you ‘believe’ or not, the play is compelling and fun and begs to be seen in live theater’s setting. Written and produced in St. Louis by myself and music co-writer Curt Landes, I personally invite you  (implore you!) to support this new theater project- running for two weeks at THE MARCELLE theater and help get it to the touring stage! Click here for ticket info about the 6 performances that open Thursday January 26 2017 thru Feb 4th. And if you would like to discuss bringing a group, or you have any other questions, just contact me directly at 314 363 Eight One Eight Three and thanks so much!  -Alan